Peer Reviews


  • S. Amari, a renowned mathematician from Japan:
    Dr. Rao is a great scholar beyond the framework of statistics, which he himself has founded. It is a big surprise to see that his influence has been effective and has played a great role for more than half a century to produce fruitful developments in several scientific disciplines. “The idea of connecting statistics and differential geometry was too early at that time (1945). However, after nearly half a century, Rao’s idea has been developed to become one of most active and important topics in information sciences, connecting statistics, information theory, control and statistical physics.”
  • In an article entitled “The Statistical Century” published in the Royal Statistical Society News (Vol 22, Jan 1995), the Distinguished American Statistician Bradley Efron stated:
    Karl Pearson’s famous chi-square paper appeared in the spring of 1900, an auspicious beginning to a wonderful century for the field of statistics. The first half of the century was the golden age of statistical theory, during which our field grew from ad hoc origins, similar to the current state of computer science, into a firmly grounded mathematical science. Men of the intellectual calibre of Fisher, Neyman, Pearson, Hotelling, Wald, Cramer and Rao were needed to bring statistical theory to maturity
  • A review of C.R. Rao’s book, Linear Statistical Inference and its Applications, by the famous statistician, W.G. Cochran in the Journal of the Franklin Institute states the following:
    C.R. Rao would be found in almost any statistician’s list of the five outstanding workers in the world of Mathematical Statistics today. His book represents a comprehensive account of the main body of results that comprise modern statistics theory.
  • B. Efron, President of the American Statistical Association, mentions in the Issue 327, September 2004, of AMSTAT while introducing the article by C.R. Rao on Reflections on the past and visions for the future:
    C.R. Rao, Eberly Professor Emeritus in the Statistics Department at Penn State is a towering figure in the postwar development of statistical theory. Among his great many honors, he was recently awarded the National Medal of Science, the government’s highest scientific prize.
  • S. Karlin, mathematician who won President’s medal:
    C.R. Rao is among the worldwide leaders in statistical science over the last five decades. His research, scholarship, and professional service have had a profound influence in the theory and applications of statistics and are incorporated into standard references for statistical study and practice.C.R. Rao is not only a highly creative theoretician, but was attracted and labored with many data sets in health, biology, psychology, and social sciences.
  • Citation while awarding Hon. D.Sc. by the Ohio State University
    Among the international community of scholars, you are widely acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost statisticians. In the complex realms of statistics and higher mathematics, your research and scholarly writing have opened new doors of understanding. The statistical theories and applications, which bear your name, attest to the fundamental contributions you have made to your field and to the larger body of man’s knowledge. Numerous honors and awards have followed, in tribute to an unusually distinguished and productive life of inquiry. You have earned the highest accolade of all, the esteem of your peers throughout the world of scholarship.
  • Press release by Government of India on appointment as National Professor (limited to 12 at any time)
    Government has appointed C.R. Rao, an eminent statistician, as National Professor. Professor Rao is an outstanding and creative thinker in the field. He was appointed by Professor Mahalanobis as full-fledged professor of the Indian Statistical Institute at the early age of 29 in recognition of his creativity.
  • The Institute of Combinatorial Mathematics and its Applications elected C.R. Rao as an Honorary Member with the citation:
    …as the world’s leading expert in statistical design theory.
  • P. Armitage, Professor of Statistics, Oxford University, UK, writes in a review of Statistical Analysis and Inference (Ed. Y. Dodge):
    C. Radhakrishna Rao is a polymath amongst statisticians. …Rao’s research interests include social, industrial and economic applications. He has been (and still is) an influential teacher especially in third world countries. …The group of papers are interspersed with quatrains from Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam of Naishapur, whose hedonistic nihilism seems to accord ill with C.R. Rao’s outlook:” Myself when young did eagerly frequent/ Doctor and Saint ,and heard great Argument/ About it and about: but evermore/ came out by the same door as I went”. Those of us who have frequented C.R.’s company have invariably found new doors open.
  • R.A. Fisher in a speech at the Indian Statistical Institute on February 12, 1963:
    For its (ISI) educational programs, the institute needs not only leaders of mathematical thought like Professor Rao, who can uphold and maintain the high place in the world opinion that Indians have already won