Notable Students of C.R.Rao

As the head of The Research and Training School at Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Rao introduced a variety of advanced courses in statistics, probability, combinatorics, and their applications and trained a large number of students, many of whom are in highly prestigious positions in research institutions, universities and industrial establishments all over the world.

He was the doctoral thesis advisor for over 50 students who in turn produced more than 350 Ph.D.’s. Some of his notable students are,

  • S.R.S. Varadhan, winner of the prestigious Abel Prize in mathematics (large deviations in probability)
  • V.S. Varadarajan (Stochastic Processes)
  • D. Basu (Statistical Inference)
  • K.R. Parthasarathy (Ergodic and Information Theory)
  • U.S.R. Murty (Combinatorics)
  • T.E.S. Raghavan (Game Theory)
  • J.S. Rao (Circular Data)
  • R. Chakraborty (Mathematical Genetics)
  • D.C. Rao (Epidemiology)
  • S.D. Peddada (Bioinformatics).