CR RAO AIMSCS has entered into MOU with the following Universities in the country

University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad DAIICT ,Gandinagar Acharya Nagarjuna University,Guntur Truth Labs,Hyderabad

  • The MOUs envisage broadly the following:
    • Joint Collaboration in research, teaching, consultancy work and extension activities in the subjects of Mathematics, Statistics and Commuter Science.
    • Research scholars at the AIMSCS may register names for their Ph.Ds in any one of the above universities.
    • Research guides at CR RAO AIMSCS will be recognized for guiding research.
    • Students of either institution would participate in the normal and regular activities on a mutually agreed basis.
    • Sharing of library and computing facilities above institutions.
    • Exchange of faculty (Visiting / Adjunct / Permanent / Associate) on mutually agreed basis.
CR RAO AIMSCS has entered into MOU with International institutions
  • Broadly, the MOU envisages the following:
    • Both the Institutions would undertake joint research projects on topics of mutual research interest and also guide the research work at the other Institution.
    • The following areas were identified mutually for joint research:
      • Statistical Theory old and new methods
      • Official statistics
      • Sample surveys
      • Applied Statistics
      • Financial Statistics
      • Biometrics
      • Econometrics
      • SQC methods
      • Applications of the above to human development, industry and business
      • Data Mining
      • Neural Networks
      • Signal Processing
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Image Processing
      • Discrete Mathematics
      • Graph Theory
      • Design of Experiments
      • Cryptography etc.,
    • Exchange of faculty (Visiting / Adjunct / Permanent / Associate ) on mutually agreed basis to deliver special lectures, invited talks etc.,.
    • Joint organization of workshops/seminars/conferences/contact programmes.
    • Attempt to involve the other in consultancy activities.