AIMSCS will carry out advanced research in pure and applied mathematics including mathematical physics (or theoretical physics), mathematical biology (or theoretical biology), and mathematical economics (or economic theory).New Mathematical models, including Discrete Models and Game theoretic methods will be applied to several areas of research in social, biological, life and natural sciences with applications to societal, industrial and business problems.

Center for Advanced Research in Discrete Mathematics:

  • Graph theory with applications to social, biological, physical, behavioral and cognitive sciences (signed graphs, Ramsey theory for graphs and digraphs, Self-complementary graphs and digraphs , Degree sequences of graphs ,well quasi-orderings, labeling of graphs and digraphs with and difference sets, Applications of these to bio-informatics, social and communication networks).
  • Matrix theory; spectrum and singular values and Algebraic graph theory with applications to chemistry and bio-informatics.
  • Coding theory, cryptography, encryption and cryptanalysis with applications using for example techniques of stegnography, combinatorial designs etc, to cyber security, Internet security, banking, e-commerce etc.
  • Combinatorial optimizations and Combinatorics with applications to industry and national development.
  • Designs and orthogonal arrays with applications to agriculture, medicine, cyber Security, cryptography and quality problems in industry
  • Game theory with applications to Industry, Econometrics and Societal problems.
  • Sample surveys and design of experiments with applications to national development and up gradation of Statistical Systems, with special reference to India.