C.R.Rao in News

Faces of Science

C.R. Rao’s photo with a write up of his work is included in the recent book on Faces of Science by Marianna Cook, featuring the work of scientists of the last century who made fundamental contributions to science, published by W.W. Norton & Company. His portrait was exhibited for the public in the Gallery of Arts and Science of the New York Academy of Sciences during the period Sept. 9-Oct. 14, 2005, at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington during July 2007, and National Academy of Sciences in Washington during August, 2007.

Figures from the History of Probability and Statistics

C.R.Rao is included in the above publication (available on website: figures from the history of probability and statistics) by John Aldrich, University of Southampton, UK, describing the work of 35 major contributors to the development of probability and statistics since 1650.

Statisticians in History

C.R.Rao is listed in the amstat.org. Statisticians in History website with a write up of his contributions to statistics.

Institute named after C.R. Rao

For his outstanding achievements, C.R. Rao has been honored with the establishment of an institute named after him: C.R. Rao Advanced Institute for Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (C.R.Rao AIMSCS). The Institute, located in the campus of the University of Hyderabad., is expected to play an important role in improving the quality of teaching, encouraging basic research in mathematical and social sciences and promoting applications of science and technology in all areas of human endeavor.

Among ten top scientists of India

Times of India, 31 December, 1988, chose C.R. Rao as one of 10 top scientists of India considering all disciplines. The list includes Nobel Laureates, C.V. Raman and H. Khorana , outstanding physicists, H. Baba, S.N. Bose and G.N. Ramachandran and the great mathematicians S. Ramanujan and Harishchandra

.Notable student of R.A. Fisher father of modern statistics

Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia mentions C.R.Rao as the notable student of the father of modern statistics, R.A. Fisher.

Giving a list of students of R.A. Fisher, S. Karlin in his article on “R.A. Fisher and evolutionary theory” Statistical Science, 7, 13-33, 1992, mentions, “C.R. Rao is, over the past four decades, among the leaders worldwide in pure and applied statistics.”