Sponsored R & D Projects(Completed)

The institute executed the following projects to Govt. of India

1. ITI Project  - Design of Block Ciphers      
         Duration: 2017-2019

2. DRDO (Phase-II)- Software Tools for SMT Solvers Based Cryptanalysis and Post Quantum Cryptology
         Duration: 2014 – 2017

3. DRDO (Phase-I)- Software Methodologies for Cryptanalysis based on SAT Solvers and Lattice-Based Approach
         Duration: 2010 – 2013

4. GOI Project - Research work and Training in Cryptography & Cryptanalysis with Applications
        Duration: 2009-2017

5. DST Project - Establishment of a Centre for Mathematical Sciences
        Duration: 2008-2015

6. Initial grant for infrastructure
       MoSPI and A.P. Govt as ACA